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Welcome to my blog, Mysterious Wild. I’m a student of transpersonal psychology, currently embedded within a Master’s of Coaching Program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. I live within and fiercely love my home in the Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico. I am a writer, a transformational coach, a shamanic practitioner, and most of all a student of Mother Nature in all of her spectacular and loving glory. I have served the animal kingdom all my life, spending twenty years in veterinary medicine before recently retiring from the field in order to serve the Spirit, which starts with recognizing our crucial interconnection with the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms.  I believe the Western paradigm of dominion over every other living creature, and a refusal to recognize that all matter has a vital energetic force- including rocks and soil- is crippling our planet, our psyches, and our very nature of existence. I feel a struggling mind can’t be fixed by intellectual in-the-head methods alone. Finding balance, peace, and serenity takes an intricate dance between body, spirit, and heart as well as the mind. More than anything, I truly believe that finding this balance within- individual by individual- means healing, strengthening, and re-balancing our entire glorious planet. We can’t destroy our environment when we recognize it as being a living, breathing, extension of us.

This blog is a sharing of my gifts to you in the form of photographs I have taken. Each one is embedded with the healing energy of the moment. It’s a sharing of the power of Nature in myriad forms. I hope you’ll drink them in. In return, I hope you’ll open up and share with me what the image invokes in you, be it one word, or an entire essay. The sharing is what the world craves. It’s what Mother Nature needs right now. The sharing is a spiritual practice, and I believe you’ll find it empowering.

I thank you for being here, and I strongly hope that you’ll partake in this energetic odyssey of healing with me.

Much Love,



6 comments on “About this Blog…”

  1. Nice start to the new blog. Look forward to sharing your journey with you.

  2. What a beautiful heart space you have created

  3. OMG – you new blog is divine! We are on such a similar path!

    • We always are, aren’t we Tim? I really needed a blog that had nothing to do with ME, or at least as little as possible. Just sharing Nature. That’s what I need right now.

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